Sexual Purity for Men - Starting Oct. 4th

A course and support to help you deal with your sexual challenges

An Interactive Online Course

Sexual Purity For Men is an online course and support group based on a live workshop that provides a healthy environment for you to reveal your mind in confidence and discuss ways to deal with your  sexual challenges. You will gain useful insights and practical tips that will make a difference in both your ability to practice sexual control and help strengthen your determination.

How will it work?

It's a 40 day sexual purity online course and support group for men (The support group will continue after the 40 days). You'll have your own account and have access to the course content( videos and docs) and the private support group (similar to a Facebook group). Each day we’ll be watching a short video and doing a self-reflective exercise to help apply the principles from the course material. There will be weekly Zoom meeting in which students discuss the course material and their realizations from the course exercises.  And most importantly, they get to share their challenges in a safe and confidential environment, something absolutely necessary for this kind of work.

Who is this course for?

This course in not intended solely for those with sexual addictions but for every man who needs support in their effort to be more sexually pure and to have more self control. 

“…one who wishes to gain liberation from the material clutches must first learn to control the sex urge.”  (Srila Prabhupada)


How do I join?

The course costs $21 usd. This helps with maintaining the platform we're using so this course and others like it can continue to help devotees. Once you pay and register, you will be added to a private social group. You'll see the course content, but it will not be available to view until October 4th when we official start.